The Golden Drop™ Team

Ian MacLennan


Ian MacLennan is the founder and CEO of Global Beerco, Inc. In previous years, Mr. MacLennan pioneered the early development of television program production in western Canada, responsible for producing business educational films and more than 400 Network TV programs between 1975 to 1982.

As the laws governing brewing in the United States were changed in 1978, lan was one of the first entrepreneurs to understand the enor- mous changes about to occur in the North American brewing industry. lan then assembled the team that developed The Beer Machine product line, which was launched in 1989.

For 25 years, he managed the business through several expansion and recessionary economic periods, all the while maintaining growth and stability. Mr. MacLennan built the global distribution network for The Beer Machine product line through more than 20 countries.

As the craft beer movement grew and millennials and younger generations began defining consumer preferences, Mr. MacLennan along with Dr. Michael Lewis, developed unique patented proprietary technology for new methods and processes for craft brewing, all of which have been integrated into the HausCraft Brewery product line.

Rick Collett

VP Business Development

Rick Collett is a graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Rick is a Native American Entrepreneur with extensive experience in the both building and positioning for sale or M&A manufacturing companies. His vision and experience includes but is not limited to com- panies in the food and beverage formulation, packaging, and manufac- turing equipment industries.

A notable sale orchestrated by Rick Collett is a company he built from the ground up; WPI (WestPack IndustriesTM), a Certified MBE, USDA Organic, FDA and SQF High Level Food manufacture and packaging plant located in Reno, Nevada. WPI manufactured and processed both liquid and dry consumer products for brands including many Fortune 500 com- panies. Brands managed by WPI include Mars Foods, Smuckers, Cumberland Packing “Sugar in the Raw,” C&H Sugar, Wholefoods, Costco and Walmart to name few.

Rick and lan MacLennan had been working together for 15 years, and upon the successful sale of his WPI processing / packaging plant Rick accepted an invitation to join forces with lan in his fast growing company GlobalBeer Co and its’ brand HausCraft BeerTM in 2018.

Rick Colletts’ motto is “it’s all about building a trusted relationship”. Give Rick a call today to discuss adding a “HausCraft BeerTM Brewery” system to your hospitality business.

Michael Lewis


Michael Lewis, Ph.D., professor emeritus of brewing science, has led the
brewing programs at UC Davis for more than 30 years. Throughout his
prestigious career, Dr. Lewis has authored over 100 scholarly papers and
co-authored the flagship textbook “ Brewing.” In addition, he has been
honored with the Award of Merit of the Master Brewers Association of
the Americas, is a senior member of the International Brewers Guild and
was elected as a fellow of the Institute of Brewing in London.
Most recently, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC created a
permanent display in its museum of American Culture recognizing Dr.
Lewis as the “Father of the Craft Beer” industry in America.

Chris White


Chris White, Ph.D., founded White Labs in 1995, after researching and
developing a library of brewers’ yeast strains from around the world.
Today, White Labs is well known as a highly respected quality producer
and supplier of brewing yeasts to the Micro-Brewing industry.
Mr. White received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the
University of California, Davis, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from U.C. San
Diego. Chris is also a member of the Siebel Institute brewers’ faculty.

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