Opportunities Galore

HausCraftBeer™ has incorporated the best practices and most innovative processes in the brewing industry. By building a team comprised of world-renowned experts in every aspect of the craft beer-making process, we have eliminated the costly and large space-consuming hot side of beer production. Additionally, there’s no need for any previous experience in the brewing arts industry.

We guide you every step of the way in setting up your HausCraftBeer system, starting with an on-site visit and working with your architects to recommend the best placement for our fermenters and brite beer tanks.

Hospitality & Eatertainment + Craft Beer = WIN-WIN

HausCraftBeer™ is the perfect fit for a variety of market segments:

Casinos: Crafting New Success!

Casinos are crafting a new way to reach high-growth generations with the right recipe for success!

The once-coveted Baby Boomer generation, now age 70-78, is transitioning much of their discretionary capital into life’s necessities such as retirement and healthcare. Consequently, they are adopting a more conservative approach to spending on non-essential lifestyle costs and entertainment.

Installing a HausCraftBeer System on-site is an excellent source of non-gaming revenue, attracting the Millennial generation who love their craft beer. This strategic addition can help casinos appeal to younger patrons, ensuring sustained engagement and spending.

Pickleball and Craft Beer: SERVING Up a Winning Combination!

Beer is a popular and profitable concession, and selling it at a sports facility can boost revenue. The added offering encourages patrons to stay longer, leading to more sales. Additionally, offering craft beer creates a new experience within the community, attracting individuals coming to play as well as those looking to socialize. You will also enjoy a special competitive advantage since it’s unlikely that your competitors serve craft beer.

Pickleball Is a Hit With Millennials

Pickleball is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, with the number of players growing by 159% in 2022. The average pickleball player is 35 years old, making it a hit with Millennials. This demographic is also the fastest-growing segment in the craft beer industry, making the combination of pickleball and craft beer a perfect match.

The Future of Pickleball and Beer

Craft beer remains a reliable beverage, accounting for nearly 25% of the total U.S. beer market. If you manage a pickleball court — or are looking to open one — offering craft beer is a great idea. As pickleball grows in popularity and craft beer remains a staple, the combination will encourage spectators and players to enjoy competition alongside tasty brews.

Beer Gardens: An Inviting Space for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Beer Gardens are an extension of a brewery representing the perfect venue for HausCraftTM freshly brewed craft beer offerings.

A beer garden is defined as an outdoor area where alcohol and food are served and consumed. Unlike other outdoor spaces that serve alcohol, beer gardens are surrounded by trees and other forms of greenery. Whether you’re just starting a bar or are trying to convert your establishment’s existing patio space into something new, opening a beer garden offers many new opportunities to your business.

Beer gardens give your patrons a chance to enjoy drinking outdoors in a fun new environment, allowing your establishment to create a social and community atmosphere.

Why Open a Beer Garden?

Opening a beer garden is an attractive prospect for those looking to offer something new. Establishing a beer garden at your bar or brewery opens up new seating options and results in an increased capacity. Beer gardens are also a fantastic way to establish a new identity for your venue, offering patrons an alternative to traditional bar seating.

A beer garden is a fantastic addition to just about any bar or restaurant. Not only does a beer garden allow you to expand capacity and host patrons in a new environment, but it also creates a social and community environment for all to enjoy. The trend’s popularity was accelerated into prominence because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with so many overwhelming positives, it has staying power.

Pizza and Beer: BREWING Up the Perfect Pairing for Pizzerias!

Ice cream and chocolate sauce, burgers and fries, peanut butter and jelly: some pairs seem made for one another. But pizza and beer is arguably the best pairing of all.

Everyone loves pizza, and according to the USDA, one in eight American adults eats it on any given day. The craft brewing explosion of the last twenty years has coincided with a rise in pizza pairings. Today, it’s easy to find light, crisp beers to match with lighter pizzas or dark stouts that complement hearty pies. This perfect pairing makes adding a HausCraftBeer System to your pizzeria a lucrative idea.

Golf and Beer: The Perfect 19th Hole Experience!

In the world of beer and golf, there’s an unwritten rule that the beverage in your hand should be as enjoyable as the game itself.

For many golfers, the most treasured part of a round comes after it’s over, when they hit the bar for post-round libations. There aren’t many golf courses where golfers can enjoy such an experience, but the growing intersection between golf and craft beer merits a closer look. It’s a happy marriage where brewers introduce golfers to their offerings while golf course owners attract craft-beer lovers. Installing an onsite microbrewery enhances the post-game experience, making your golf course a unique destination.

Bowling and Beer: Cheers to Strikes

Bowling is primarily a social activity, making it a great opportunity to sell craft beer and enhance the overall experience.

Most people bowl as a fun activity with friends, enjoying drinks and snacks along the way.

Beer enhances the bowling experience, making participants feel more skilled. This dynamic is important since most people bowl casually. Moreover, beer is a tremendous source of profit for bowling alleys.

Although traditionally seen as a blue-collar pastime, bowling has gained popularity among white-collar workers in recent years. Serving craft-brewed beer helps bowling alleys attract younger, more affluent customers.

Breweries sponsoring tournaments and the camaraderie of sharing a cold one have long linked bowling and beer. Offering craft beer is a key differentiator for bowling alleys, especially appealing to Millennials who appreciate premium, freshly made brews.

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