What is the HausCraft System?

HausCraftBeer™ is a Craft Beer brewery designed by professional brewers for making your own brand of beer in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

HausCraftBeer™ systems create a visually attractive brewery that is cost effective by eliminating most operational costs, requires minimal space and greatly reduced  capital costs thereby yielding a fast and very attractive ROI.

HausCraftBeer™ is designed for making fresh brewed Craft Beer on location in minimal space and at the lowest possible cost starting @ $0.35 per 16 oz pint.

The patented Bag – to – Bag process

The Brewmasters Dry Wort™ is packed in a sanitary bag, tested and certified for purity.

The HausCraftBeer™ fermentation tank is lined with a new aseptic brew bag that provides a sanitary barrier for each batch.

The cost of this tank liner is less than the cost of the water, chemicals and labor to clean a standard fermentation tank.

The bags of Beer Mix are combined with sterilized cultured brewing water, hops, and yeast in the Beer Blender and transferred into the fermenter.

A clean process that requires no heat and little extra water and no caustic chemicals to complete.

Brewmaster’s Dry Wort™, what’s that…

Brewmasters Dry Wort™ is the same ingredients produced by breweries and known as “brewers wort”. The “brewers wort” consists of all the ingredients for fermentation and is made in the “Hot Side” of a brewery.

The Brewmasters Dry Wort™ is the same ingredients with ONLY the water removed to provide a stable product that simplifies handling, storage and shipping.

At our production facilities, when the brewer’s wort is ready for fermentation, we remove the water so the wort becomes a light powdered mixture which is then delivered as the Brewmasters Dry Wort™.

Global Beerco has been providing the Brewmasters Dry Wort™ to the brewing industry since 1992 and because of Global Beerco’s high volume production the cost of brewing ingredients is very reasonable compared to alternative suppliers.

Global Beerco’s professional ISO 9002 certified production facilities are suppliers to several Fortune 500 companies.

The powdered Brewmasters Dry Wort™ simplifies the creation of an UNLIMITED VARIETY of styles and flavors of beer while it eliminates high labor preparation and operating costs

Your HausCraftBeer™ Technician can vary the hop, spices, fruit, herbs, flavor concentrates, and alcohol content of the beer to create your own unique designed brands.

The HausCraftBeer™ system is computerized to combine Brewmaster’s Dry Wort™ with a selected programmed quantity of purified water, hops and yeast on site where it will be fermented into a selected flavor and style of FRESH craft beer.

Some like it hot, but you don’t have to…

Our patented BAG-TO-BAG technology eliminates unnecessary wastewater disposal and sewage disposal fees

Aseptic bags means no need to clean the stainless steel tanks with toxic sanitizers and chemicals

BAG-TO-BAG technology reduces high labor costs which increases your profit margin

Tilt™ Hydrometer & Thermometer

Wi-Fi Controlled Brewing. Smartphone Real-Time Monitoring.

Tilt™ hydrometer and thermometer lets you instantly read your brew’s specific gravity and temperature on your compatible Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet or Tilt™ Pi. No more taking samples during fermentation to measure ABV.

Most Bluetooth 4.0+ devices will work with the Tilt™. You can then optionally log data to the cloud using our free Google Sheets template or other 3rd party cloud platforms.

The Tilt™ hydrometer allows you to check the specific gravity and temperature of your beer while it’s fermenting, without ever having to open your fermenter or pour out any of your precious brew.

This makes brewing more consistent and easy to track. Saves precious time and reduces labor costs. The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.002 within the Tilt’s range of 0.990 to 1.120. The thermometer is accurate +/- 1 degree F (+/- 0.5 degree C)