A long history of accredited brewing science innovation, since 1986

Global Beerco’s HausCraft system is a new and highly profitable craft beer brewery specifically designed for the hospitality
industry. However, it is not a new unproven concept to Global Beerco and its corporate team. Like many of the most
successful so called “new” business concepts it actually represents the evolution of a highly successful brewing product
with the integration of current brewing technology to address today’s hospitality market challenges. The science and technology
that HausCraft embodies today goes back to the beginning of the Craft Beer movement when in 1985, Ian MacLennan
pioneered and patented the process for development of The Beer Machine product line under the careful guidance of
Dr Michael Lewis, then the professor of Brewing Sciences at the University of California, Davis. (Dr. Lewis has since been
recognized by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC as the “Father of the Craft Beer movement” with a permanent
display in the American Museum.)

Ian studied the history of the beer market in North America and recognized that because of the prohibition period begun in
1918 and lasting through 1933, that the quality and variety of beers was greatly compromised when the industry became
monopolized by an industrial production model that forged a partnership with advertising giants in New York to nationally
distribute a standardized product after prohibition ended.

In 1978, after President Carter approved small scale brewing and homebrewing in America, Ian concluded that the amazing
size of this American consumer market that had been denied the variety of choices that small scale brewing provided presented
an enormous market opportunity. That motivated the development of The Beer Machine product line which was
designed to be easy, simple, fast and uncomplicated for appealing to the much larger consumer market rather than the
“Hobbyist” for producing endless varieties of fresh, naturally brewed craft beers at a cost of just “pennies per serving.”
These attractive consumer features remain at the core of each Global Beerco iteration of the brewing process for a particular

The Beer Machine product line has generated retail sales approximating 100 million dollars throughout more than 20
countries around the world creating a new product category for retailers including Costco, Macy’s, Sharper Image, Target
and hundreds more. Today, The Beer Machine is being refreshed with new technological features but remaining true to its
original product features that bring craft beer brewing to the home consumer in the easiest, fastest, most convenient and
cost efficient manner.

As global markets and economics have evolved, the demand for naturally brewed preservative free varieties of craft beers
continues to escalate driven by a well-educated millennial generation. That has transformed the beer industry and prompted
the evolution of features in The Beer Machine features to what today is Global Beerco’s much larger commercial production
unit the “HausCraft” Brewery System. The newest technological features and patented innovation has been incorporated
into the Hauscraft product line much beyond what can be included in a $150 to $175 product for home personal

HausCraft’s bag-to-bag patented technology, computerized operation with continuous internet monitoring of the brewing process, dry wort and an eco-logical friendly process that requires only a fraction of the traditional space a small-scale brewery needs delivers an unrivalled production cost averaging $0.35 to $0.45 per 16 oz pint. With the Millennial and generation Z now driving the economic future of the Hospitality industry and real time information being the critical factor for success in today’s instant information age, todays HausCraftBeer brewery system provides unrivalled benefits built on more than 30 years of BOTH the science and technology of brewing as well as “boots- on-the-ground” experience with day to day comunication and interaction with both the needs of the commercial market and the home beer consumer.

We’re still making brewing science history.

Creating solutions for new market realities:

• A system that can be installed in a small footprint at minimal cost
• Premium tasting craft beers produced for .35 to .45 cents per 16 oz pint.
• Low capital cost, low operational cost and fast ROI.
• Supplier independence and long term price protection from inflation costs.
• A strong marketing asset with monthly marketing opportunities.