Customer Support

GLOBAL BEERCO Brewing Symposium 2020 San Diego, California

A commitment to advanced communications technology that delivers the gold standard in brewing intelligence and guidance is at the foundation of Global Beerco’s customer support. The application of Global’s simplified brewing process integrated with computerized management of the process has not only eliminated many fixed costs but was designed to allow for professional centralized support. Global Beerco maintains support facilities in its University of California at Davis facilities for training and continuing brewing support and services. With an internet connection, real time monitoring of each brew is available to record and monitor the brewing process. In this structure it requires only one professional brewer to support hundreds of individual fermenters anywhere in the world as a result of today’s internet communications.

In addition to on site start-up training at installation, the HausCraftBeer standard operating procedures (SOP) book explains each and every operational procedure. Global Beerco’s annual brewing symposium brings together the best minds in the brewing industry to share their knowledge and expertise during two days at either one of Global Beerco’s Casino resort locations or the training facilities of White Labs yeast in San Diego. White Labs produces over 500 different strains of brewing yeast that enable new beer tastes and styles to be created in the HausCraftBeer system. Advanced laboratory analysis provides additional customer support providing the tools for creating tastes and varieties meeting the highest quality standards. Global Beerco’s Golden Drop award recognizes and encourages the innovation of new flavors to serve the growing demand for new varieties and taste in craft beers.