Beer Brewing System

HausCraftBeer™ is a Craft Beer brewery designed by professional brewers specifically for the hospitality and entertainment industries.

HausCraftBeer™ is designed to make fresh brewed Craft Beer on location, with minimal space,  at the lowest cost possible.


There must be gold in that mixBrew Master's Dried Wort

It’s like having a bag of magic beans, but beerier

Brew Master's Dried Wort is the same ingredients produced by breweries and known as "brewers wort". The "brewers wort" consists of all the ingredients for fermentation and is made in the “Hot Side” of a brewery. The Brew Master's Dried Wort is the same ingredients with ONLY the water removed to provide a stable product that simplifies handling, storage and shipping. At our production facilities, when the brewer's wort is ready for fermentation, we remove the water by spray drying so the wort becomes a light powdered mixture which is then packaged as the Brew Master's Dried Wort. Global Beerco has been providing the Beer Mix to the brewing industry since 1992 and because of Global Beerco’s high volume production the cost of brewing ingredients is very reasonable compared to alternative suppliers. Global Beerco's professional ISO 9002 certified production facilities are suppliers to several Fortune 500 companies including Kelloggs and Nestles Foods.

The powdered Brew Master's Dried Wort simplifies the creation of an UNLIMITED VARIETY of styles and flavors of beer while it eliminates high labor preparation and operating costs. Your HausCraft Technician can vary the hop and alcohol content of the beer to create your own unique designed brands.
The HausCraft system is computerized to combine Brew Master's Dried Wort with purified water, hops and yeast on site where it will be fermented into a selected flavor and style of FRESH craft beer.

an originalIPA

We have just the IPA for you to enjoy.  Our IPA is hopped with a unique blend of three hops giving it a hoppy malted taste like no other one on the market. If you are an IPA beer drinker, this one is not to be overlooked.

crowd pleaserPilsner

A bold rich malt blend with German magnum hops makes a German style Pilsner with floral notes. Light bodied and balanced for a crisp, refreshing taste.

a darkIrish Stout

A very dark colored enticing strong flavored beer.  The roasted Malt we include makes it a classic traditional Stout, comparable to Dublin's famous Irish Stout. Pairs well with Roast or Steak.

hefeweizenWheat Beer

This traditional Hefeweizen German style beer is made with a blend of barley and wheat malt that produces its signature slightly cloudy appearance. A refreshingly light beer with a slight banana and clove note adds to aroma and its flavor.