2005 Ordering Hop Products

2005 Ordering Hop Products

  • Document No.: WH-2005-01
  • Version #: 1
  • Effective Date:  April 10, 2020
  • Supersedes Date:  All
  • Reason For Revision:  NA
  • Area: Warehouse

Description and Goal of the Procedure  #

The HausCraft system uses hop extracts to help naturally flavor the beer with hop bitterness and aroma.  Bitterness comes from additions of either Pre-isomerized pellets or Isohop, an extract of hop iso-alpha acids which give a clean bitterness that balances the sweetness of the malt.  Hop Oil is used to give the beers fresh fruity, citrus or floral flavors.  By following the instructions below you can make sure you are supplied to use these products in your beers.

Personal and Brew Safety First! #

Personal Protective Equipment Required:  Not Applicable

Food Safety Required:  Not Applicable

Set-up Steps #
  • Take inventory of Pre-Isomerized Hop Pellets, Isohop and Hop Oil extract
  • Project your brewing needs at least 2 months out and compare with the inventory to determine if an order needs to be placed
Operational Procedure Steps #
  • Prepare a Purchase Order with the order quantities of each in the given container sizes
  • Hop orders must be placed through Yakima Valley Hops, set up an account with them 
  • Contact Yakima Valley Hops and request confirmation
  • Depending on location, allow at least 4 weeks from order to delivery but request a timeline
Follow-up Steps #
  • Look for confirmation and follow up if necessary
Quality Checks #
  • Inspect order at delivery for accuracy and any damage
Documentation #
  • Purchase Order
  • Bill of Lading or Packing Slip
  • Report damage or missing items directly to Yakima Valley Hops