1001 Standard Operating Procedures

1001 Standard Operating Procedures

  • Document No.: WH-1001-01
  • Version #: 1
  • Effective Date:  April 10, 2020
  • Supersedes Date:  All
  • Reason For Revision:  NA
  • Area: SOP Manual

This is an Instructional Guide to using the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the Standard Operations Manual for the HausCraft Beer system.  This guide will explain the design, section information and numbering system used for all SOP forms.

Description and Goal of the Procedure  #

The Goal of Procedure section describes why the procedure is done and what the successful outcome should be.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the approved methods for performing an operation in the brewery.  The SOP has been formulated to the specific steps, equipment and processes that will ensure a successful outcome.  All SOPs will include a goal of the procedure, personal and food safety instructions, set-up, operation and follow-up instructions, quality checks and documentation needed to complete the procedure.

Following the SOP steps as closely as possible will help assure the procedure is done correctly.

Personal and Brew Safety First #

Always follow SOP’s for personal, plant and beer safety described in this section of each SOP.  

Each SOP will list the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  and any special considerations required to safely perform the procedure.  This PPE will help protect you from exposure to hazards like chemicals, heat or pressure that could hurt you.  

PPE includes:  Safety Glasses, Gloves, Over-the-Toe Boots, High visibility vest, Dust Mask or Respirator

Avoid wearing:  Shorts, flip flops or sandals 

See Appendix 8 for details on the requirements for these items.

  • Always follow SOP’s for good manufacturing and food safety.

It is important that the Beer made in the Brewery is safe to drink.  The brewery is like a kitchen, the beers will be consumed and must be free of contaminants like chemicals, soils, and inclusions like glass, plastic or metals. 

Some basic personal Food Safety practices to always follow are:

  • Wear a hat or hair covering, including a beard or mustache cover
  • Dress in clean clothes covering entire body