2006 Reporting Damaged Product

2006 Reporting Damaged Product

  • Document No.: WH-2006-01
  • Version #: 1
  • Effective Date:  April 10, 2020
  • Supersedes Date:  All
  • Reason For Revision:  NA
  • Area: Warehouse

Description and Goal of the Procedure  #

From time to time orders can arrive with the wrong type of material, the wrong number of units or damage.  The instructions in this SOP are meant to resolve issues involving materials ordered through HausCraft only.  

Resolution for issues involving materials ordered from other suppliers should be addressed directly with those suppliers.

Personal and Brew Safety First! #

Personal Protective Equipment Required:  Not Applicable

Food Safety Required:  Not Applicable

Set-up Steps #
  • If possible take a photo of any damaged materials at the time of delivery
  • Assemble the PO, packing slip or Bill of Lading and any other documentation
Operational Procedure Steps #
  • Contact the supplier of the material as soon as possible after the issue is discovered
  • HausCraft issues please contact operations@globalbeerco.com
  • Send copies of the PO, Bill of Lading or Packing Slip, photos of damage or description of the issue
  • Request a confirmation of receipt
Follow-up Steps #

Look for confirmation and any follow up requests from HausCraft in resolving the issue

Quality Checks #

Not Applicable

Documentation #
  • Document any dates and contact made and who you were speaking with