3003 Water Filters

3003 Water Filters

  • Document No.: WH-3003-01
  • Version #: 1
  • Effective Date:  April 10, 2020
  • Supersedes Date:  All
  • Reason For Revision:  NA
  • Area: SOP Manual

Description and Goal of the Procedure #

Any City water source, and even many private water sources will require some basic treatment prior to using in making your beer.  The minimal treatment for all fresh, cold water is removal of any particulates with a Sediment Filter, removal of chlorine with a Carbon Filter (which can make the beer taste medicinal) and then a final Trap Filter to remove any carbon from the Carbon Filter.

The water filter assembly recommended by HausCraft is supplied by Culligan.  The filters are in housings linked together.  The Filter Cartridges must be periodically replaced.  Follow the Supplier’s instructions on when and how to replace the cartridges.

Purchase replacement cartridges through Culligan or another reputable supplier. 

Personal and Brew Safety First! #

Personal Protective Equipment Required:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Water resistant shoes

Food Safety Required:

  • Wear a hat or hair covering, including a beard or mustache cover
  • Dress in clean clothes covering entire body
  • Lab coats with snaps required must be cleaned regularly (set up uniform company)
  • Hooks inside door of brewery to hang up lab coats
  • Do not wear rings or jewelry in the brewery
  • Keep your hands clean.  Always wash your hands before starting brewery operations.  Wash again if your hands become soiled.
  • Never smoke in the brewery.
  • Wash your shoes off if they become soiled before entering the brewery
  • Follow rinse instructions and quality checks when cleaning equipment to avoid chemical contamination
  • Avoid using glass containers near the process to avoid shatter and glass shards
  • Do not ever use mercury thermometers in the brewery
  • Never use glass containers in the brewery
Set-up Steps #

Tools and Equipment Needed:

  • Replacement Cartridges
  • Water hose
  • Any other materials or equipment recommended by the Cartridge Supplier
  • Wash your hands and put on disposable gloves 
  • Wear a hat or hair restraint
Operational Procedure Steps #
  • Shut off Water Supply valves on either side of the Filter Assembly
  • Twist off and remove each of the Cartridge Housings
  • Remove the Spent Filter Cartridge
  • Wipe the Assembly clean
  • Install the New Cartridge
  • Install the Housing
  • Open outlet port of the Assembly
  • Open the Water Hose Valve and position Hose to drain to Floor Drain
  • Slowing open the Water Inlet Valve and fill each housing allowing to run to drain for at least two minutes
  • Close the Water Hose Valve
Follow-up Steps #
  • Dispose of the Spent Filters
  • Record the date of replacement and the filters replaced in the Maintenance Log (DOC-11002)
Quality Checks #
  • Taste the water coming out of the new Assembly for any off flavors or taints.  If found then run more water to drain and taste again.  If these do not disappear then change out the filters and try again.
Documentation #
  • Maintenance Log DOC-11002