1002 Reporting Equipment Issues

1002 Reporting Equipment Issues

  • Document No.: WH-1002-01
  • Version #: 1
  • Effective Date:  April 10, 2020
  • Supersedes Date:  All
  • Reason For Revision:  NA
  • Area: SOP Manual

Description and Goal of the Procedure  #

This SOP is to help direct you if you run into issues with the HausCraft Beer system, have questions with the processes or procedures, or need to speak to anyone. 

Personal and Brew Safety First! #

Personal Protective Equipment Required:  Not Applicable

Food Safety Required:  Not Applicable

Set-up Steps #

Document the situation or problem you are having.  Prepare the information you would like to convey, questions you have, information that would be helpful prior to contacting HausCraft.

Operational Procedure Steps #

Contact HausCraft through:

Email:  operations@globalbeerco.com

Telephone:  800-663-2739 (BREW)

Follow-up Steps #
  • Document the date of contact and the issue reported
  • You should receive confirmation email
  • Document the response
  • Document any results from implementing a solution and report this back
Quality Checks #

Record any results affecting the beer in the Production Sheet